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【Vending machines & self-service equipment】
1. All kinds of Vending machines;
2. Self-service store selling drink, food and daily necessities;
3. Photo booth, charge box, laundry room, payment machine and other self-service equipment in public facilities;
4. Payment systems & vending machine technologies: Coin collector, coin hopper, contactless IC card, non-cash payment system, POS machine, currency counter, automatic change machine, etc;
5. Remote monitoring system, wireless communication system, GPS, e-business application, etc;
6. Self-service terminal and solution, self-service card swipe machine, touch screen query machine, mobile ATM, phone wallet, etc;
7. Sheet metal parts, spring, lock, button, switch and other accessories for vending machines;
8. Office coffee machines & ingredients.

【Self-service products】
1. Self-service equipment, including sensing & interactive information service terminals, self-service kiosks, ATM machine, automatic calling machine, self-inquiry equipment, self-help credit card payments, self-help fare check & pay, self-help guide machine, etc.;
2. Self-help entertainment equipment, self-help lottery machine, self-laundry, self-help luggage depositing , self-help ordering machine, self-serve tank filling, self-help charging device, self-help parking system, self-service check-in, library self-inquiry system, multi-function self-service charging machine and public facilities;
3. Self-help printing equipment, bill and bar code printing equipment, LCD touch screen, panel PC, contact solution, industrial control motherboard, self-service equipment outer sealing parts, display, central processing unit, keyboard, trackball, trackpad, telephone receiver,Video surveillance devices, other peripheral equipment products and accessories;
4. Mobile payment terminal equipment supplier, card reader RFID technology, contact smart card, contactless smart card, dual interface card, magnetic stripe card, mobile phone payment module, mobile phone payment chip,RF chip, mobile payment RFID-SIM card reader, dual frequency reader, wireless identification, wireless communication, QR code, electronic certificate, electronic payment and other financial / metal password keyboard;
5. Software developers, content developers, complete equipment hardware providers, turnkey system providers, equipment renters, communications / network connectivity technologies, public Internet access technologies, equipment maintenance and remote monitoring, technical support, integrated services,Industry Consulting, Publications, Media.