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JD Convinient Stores Launched Automatic Vending Machines Widely Used in China

As an important part of's borderless retail, convenience store has launched an vending machine in order to energize the offline retail. It is reported that the device can be placed in the extension scene of convenience stores and has been put into use nationwide.
It is reported that every store owner can apply for an increase of the vending machine and the device can be laid out in the vicinity of the store, such as outdoor sports field, street and other scenes. Other people in need can also apply and they can make reasonable arrangements based on factors such as the market demand in the region and the flow of people.
Each device is equivalent to a “micro convenience store”. The products are mainly beverages, snacks, and other energy-supplying consumer goods. At the same time, there will be emergency goods such as household paper and daily necessities, as well as power bank, screen protectors and other electronic products. Consumers only need to scan the QR code on the device to complete the payment. Owners of vending machines can order replenishment at Shopkeeper Treasure according to the rest of the goods.
In 2017, announced its “borderless retail” strategy to improve efficiency by breaking the boundary of the scene, the boundary of the goods, and the boundary of human resources. For the retail scene, hopes to eliminate the boundary of space and time. The future retail scene will be everywhere and all-embracing; it will be seamless and switchable at any time.
To this end, convenience Store has expanded a number of value-added services in addition to retail goods, including value-added service modules such as life service, financial service, business service, and public service. These services contain collection of parcels, recharge payment, housekeeping, insurance financing, document printing, caring donation etc., which builds the ecology of "retail as a service".
The launch of these vending machines is another important move of "borderless retail" strategy of It is not only an extension of the retail scene but also improves the user experience. In addition, as a value-added service of convenience store, the layout of these vending machines will also save labor cost, prolong the business hours and increase the revenue of the shopkeepers.
It is reported that convenience store will continue to promote the equipment nationwide in the future, hoping to bring this convenience to all consumers as well as to increase the store owner's income.

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