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Thailand's first unmanned store opens

Lotus Thailand has teamed up with True Digital to launch Lotus's Pick&Go by True Digital, the first unmanned store in Thailand. Mr. Monchai Intharapornudom, Senior Director of Lotus, said, "Lotus continues to develop its business in various aspects, providing different lifestyles for Lotus customers in different regions, allowing them to enjoy shopping at Lotus every day."

By collaborating with True Digital and introducing RetailTech technology, we aim to drive the digital transformation of our retail business through the intelligent retail platform True Virgo AI. Satisfy users who wish to shop faster.
Just scan the QR code through the TrueMoney wallet (it can be said to be Alipay of Thailand) to enter the site, then select products and walk out of the store, and the system will automatically check out.
The first unmanned store selects over 400 products, including beverages, snacks, and daily necessities, of which more than 90% are beverages and snacks, and the remaining 10% are most daily necessities, with an area of about 30 square meters. From scanning the QR code to leaving the store, customers will complete a smooth unmanned shopping experience in just a few minutes through True Wallet.
Mr. Ekaraj Panjavinin, Chief Digital Officer of True Corporation Plc, stated that unmanned store systems do not collect customer privacy data, such as facial images, thus ensuring user data privacy.