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VENDOTEK is a leading Armenian manufacturer of POS terminals for vending and contactless validators for public transport. Our products are certified by Mastercard, Visa, MIR, UnionPay, CIPURSE, PURE. More than 120,000 VENDOTEK contactless POS terminals and validators are used worldwide thanks to the best functionality, modern design, and optimal price.  VENDOTEK V terminals are installed on vending machines, self-service kiosks, automatic car washes. The small 3.5-inch device with touchscreen accepts Bank and Transport cards, NFC-enabled mobile phones and QR codes. VENDOTEK is available on 4 continents, from North and South America, Ivory Coast in Africa to France, Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and the UK in Europe, India, Uzbekistan, China, Kazakhstan in Asia. Our devices are recognized as the best technical solution for vending and self-service systems in VASA 2021 international competition.

VENDOTEK T validators are among the 22 leading solutions Visa Ready for Transit and Mastercard Transit Partner. Well-known international manufacturers of validators Mikroelektronika, AMCO, Famoco use our technologies, ordering thousands of devices under their trademarks. 
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