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Advanced and Secure Vein Pattern Recognition

With futuristic technologies making headway, the vending industry is witnessing unprecedented innovations which have prompted many companies to push their boundaries!

Apart from embracing the advanced version of a convenience store in the form of micro markets, many businesses are adopting advanced biometric and AI technology to transform the vending experience and generate significant revenues.

We have rounded up some of the latest trends and innovations that are set to influence the vending industry in the coming years. We are going to share one of them with you today.

Advanced and Secure Vein Pattern Recognition

Last year, biometric recognition was only heard and seen in sci-fi literature or spy movies (remember James Bond movies)! However, what once seemed too far-fetched and fictional is now a reality! Recently, a prominent Asian AI company placed a new-age vending machine that uses advanced vein pattern recognition. This vending machine resembles a fridge which can be opened only using your (correct) palm.   When you place your correct palm, infrared light penetrates your skin and traces your unique vein architecture lying beneath. It is believed to be the most secure and accurate integrate biometric system so far!

Our vein architecture is as unique as our fingerprints and never changes over time. This means that if you have registered as a baby, the system will recognise you even as an adult. Unlike, the external features like fingerprints, face or iris, vein recognition cannot be altered or copied; thus, the privacy concerns are addressed effectively.

However, this technology seems face a huge challenge due to the outbreak of Coronavirus an d the requirement of social distance in this year.