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How Singapore is Utilizing Technology and Vending Machines

In order to keep the citizens and residents safe during the coronavirus pandemi, businesses are now making efforts to distribute personal hygiene products to everyone. A gaming accessories company in Singapore, plans to install up to twenty face mask vending machines & PPE vending machines in various co-working spaces, malls, and supermarkets across Singapore's business district. Once lockdown restrictions are eased on June 1st, residents and citizens of Singapore will be able to claim their free, single-use face mask by scanning a QR code assigned through Razer Pay (Razer's mobile wallet app). With this initiative, Singaporeans can have easy access to face masks as well as other personal hygiene products. Also, face mask vending machines and PPE vending machines will be used to issue reusable cloth masks in another round of mask distribution. 

( Source: smartvendingmachines )

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