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Self-service KIOSK

Kiosk industry posting its third consecutive year of double-digit growth in 2019, according to the newly-released 2020 Kiosk Market Census Report. Kiosk sales jumped 17.9% in 2019, boosted by rising consumer acceptance of self-service technology. The sales of interactive kiosks — not counting ATMs and refreshment and amusement vending machines — totaled an estimated $11.9 billion in 2019. The estimate is based on research provided by BCC Research in combination with input from Kiosk Marketplace readers.

The growth in 2019 was driven primarily by the same factors as the prior two years — rising mobile commerce and improved Internet of Things technology — as well as historically low unemployment, a factor cited in last year's report. Retailers, comprising the majority of self-service kiosk user organizations, invested in technology to give customers more ways to shop, both online and offline. Interactive kiosks emerged as critical touch points to make shopping easier and more engaging.

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